A party member throws a party in the town, gaining XP for any money spent to do so. (This is in addition to the money received for retrieving the money in the first place).

Roll 1d6 x 100; this is the base amount of silver required for the party. You may spend as much money as you please on the party. At the end of the party, divide the amount of money spent by the base amount required, rounding up, then subtract 1 from the dividend. This is your penalty. (base amount 300, money spent 650, divided equals 3, penalty equals 2).

Roll a save v. poison, subtracting your penalty from your roll. If the save is failed, roll on the carousing mishaps table below:

Carousing Mishaps

1. Make a fool of yourself in public, gain no XP. Roll Charisma check or gain a permanent -1 to reaction rolls made in this town.

2. Involved in a random brawl. Roll a strength check. On failure, roll your hit die to determine your hit point penalty at the start of the next session. (Minimum 1 hp).

3. Minor misunderstanding with local authorities. Roll Charisma check. On success, pay fine of 2d6 x 25 sp. On failure, or inability to pay, spend 1d6 days in jail.

4. Wake up in bed with someone. They’re excited about the love you professed to them last night. Roll on Romance table below.

5. Gambling losses. Roll 1d6x100 to see how much you lose. No XP from this additional money.

6. Gain a local reputation as the life of a party. In future, the calculation of the base amount for carousing is multiplied by 2 in this town. (If this result is rolled twice in one town, there is no effect).

7. You’ve insulted a local person of rank. Roll on the Important Person table below. Make Charisma check, on success they are amenable to some form of reparations from you, on failure you’ve gained an enemy.

8. Save v. Poison to avoid venereal disease. Roll on Veneral Disease table below.

9. New tattoo. Roll 1d6. On a 1, player chooses subject. On 2, GM chooses. On 3, player to the right chooses. On 4, player two to the right chooses. On 5, player to the left chooses. On a 6, player two to the left chooses. Roll again to determine who chooses location.

10. Beaten and robbed. Reduced to 1/2 HP, lose any items on your person.

11. Excessive gambling losses. You wake up with only your armor and, on a successful wisdom check, your most prized possession.

12. Hangover from hell. First day of adventuring is at -2 to hit and saves. Casters must make an Int check with each spell to avoid mishap.

13.Target of your lewd advances turns out to be a witch. Save v. Magic or she polymorphs you into a swine.

14. You’ve joined some local cult or secret society. Roll on Odd Group table to determine which group you’re in. Roll int check to see if you remember the signs and pass phrases.

15. Invest all your spare cash in some smooth-tongued merchant’s scheme. Roll 1d6; on 1-4 it’s a scam, on 5 it’s a scam the local authorities think you’re involved in, on 6 it’s a legitimate business and returns d% profits in 3d4 x 2 game sessions.

16. Wake up naked at a local temple. Roll 1d4 on the Odd Groups table to determine which. Roll charisma to see if you can talk your way out of it, or if they demand some recompense.

17. Major misunderstanding with local authorities. Imprisoned until fines and bribes totaling 1d6 x 1000sp are paid. Roll on Important person table—you’ve made an enemy of this person.

18. You’re desperately in love, compelled by something slipped into your drink. 85% chance to roll on Romance table, 15% chance to roll on important persons table.

19. When in a drunken stupor you asked your god(s) to get you out of some stupid mess. Turns out they heard you! Now as repayment for saving you, you’re under the effects of a Quest spell.

20. You’ve started a fire. Roll 1d6; 1-2 burned down an important building, 3-4 burned down an out of the way tavern or commoner’s home, 5-6 burned down a large part of the town. Roll 1d6; 1-2 no one knows it was you, 3 your party knows, 4-5 a handful of people know, and they want to know why they shouldn’t tell everybody. 6 Everyone knows it was you.

Romance Table

1. Stockton Elder Ajoree
2. A succubus.
3. An apparently normal and attractive member of the orientation-appropriate gender.
4. Randomly determined fellow PC
5. A thoroughly unpleasant person, to whom you are now married.
6. A relative of yours from the town.
7. The deity Arammu, god of sex.
8. Someone with a Womb Dagger

Important Person Table

1. Stockton Elder Annala
2. Stockton Elder Grekor
3. Stockton Elder Cispena
4. Stockton Elder Ajoree
5. Stockton Elder Tenor
6. Stockton Elder Nestor
7. Numeracki Representative Sern Grackon
8. Numeracki Representative Kessilmo

Venereal Disease Table

1. The sexually awesome disease. You’re super good at sex now.
2. Fire bursts from your dingle dangle or hoo-ha at the moment of climax.
3. Sexual over-action. Roll a save v. poison or awkwardly hit on whomever the party is interacting with at the moment.
4. Intermittent rash. Roll 1d8 at the start of each adventure. On 1, start with 1d4 less HP.
5. Restless Leg Syndrome. -1 penalty to any attempt at hiding.
6. Roll in the Metamorphica.

Odd Groups

1. Compound of the Goddless. (Joiners must swear to seek the destruction of any gods they encounter.
2. Sanguinarium of the Blood God. (Joiners have a large, wide “X” carved over their heart).
3. Sacred Stone Tree of the Hanged Maiden. (Joiners must wear a noose about their neck at all times).
4. Subterranean Sanctum of the Thorned God. (Joiners must wear a wreath of thorns for 1 week, reducing HP by 1d6).
5. The Stoneslappers street gang. (Joiners must be beaten into the gang. Start next session at 1 hp).
6. The Fingermen (Secret society. Joiners must cut off the last knuckle of one of their fingers).
7. Sect of the Sacred Line (Cult which believes the protective barriers around the town are sacrosanct, and those who cross are forsaking God).
8. The conspirators. A group of 3 who want to start a revolution and install a military dictatorship over Stockton. They are the only 3 who care enough to be part of this conspiracy, but they take it extremely seriously.


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