Stockton Elders

While Stockton has no official government, there is a group of “Elders” who are generally trusted to make the decisions that nobody else cares about. They have significant influence, but no substantive power.

Annala Surprisingly attractive for a woman of 52 years. She knows it, and dresses as scantily as a woman of her dignity can get away with.

Grekor A thin, gangly man who is socially awkward, and tends to stare at people. Wears far too much cologne.

Cispena A woman with a large orb of curly white hair and a square jaw. Has terminal cancer, but does not know it.

Ajoree A toothless old woman who smells strongly of coconut. She’s one of the wealthiest women in town, and has many young male lovers with whom she shows great favoritism. Runs the curio shop.

Tenor Youngest of the elders at only 39. A woman with many scars, her eyebrows are completely gone and have been replaced with tiger tatoos. She constantly moves where she stands to ‘watch for enemies,’ and is never seen without her longsword.

Nestor Completely bald; wears a tailored orc’s scalp with full battle braids on his head.

Stockton Elders

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