Properties and Businesses

Building a Citadel

Constructing a citadel from standard materials (Wood & Stone) costs 250sp per 5’ square, multiplied by the # of floors. This cost includes basic furnishings; so your dining room will have a table and chairs and dishes to serve food on.

If the citadel is meant to be fancy, and to impress visitors, the cost is increased to 400sp per 5’ square.

Each citadel constructed adds 100 sp to the character’s Upkeep, with no additional benefit.

Building a Road

Roads cost 600sp per hex. Double if there’s a river to cross. Triple if there’s a mountain to traverse. Any road will quickly be beset by brigands and monsters unless patrolled. Anyone traveling on it has only a 4 in 6 chance of doing so successfully.

Maintaining patrols on the road requires at least 2 mercenaries per hex, and a small citadel every 3 hexes. (See Henchmen, Hirelings, and Slaves for information on Mercenaries)

Each hex of road a character is responsible for adds 10 sp to the character’s Upkeep, with no additional benefit.

Starting a Business

Businesses are managed by the LotFP Investment rules.

The player describes their business, the the player and the GM negotiate as to whether it will be a Stable, Risky, or Wild business model. The player pays a startup cost (minimum 500sp). Each year their business will return 1d8-4%, 1d20-10%, or 1d100-50%, based on the reliability of the business model negotiated when the business was started.

Owning a business in a community modifies the reactions people in that community have towards you. For each individual interacted with, there is an 80% chance your reactions are +1 with them, and a 20% chance your reactions are -1.

Properties and Businesses

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