Henchmen, Hirelings, and Slaves

If the players wish to hire additional manpower, they may choose between four types:

Mercenaries / Militia

The GM will identify how many are available of the requested type, the players will indicate how many they want, and for each the GM will roll 3d6 twice on the following table:


This roll is modified by three factors:

1. The hiring character’s Charisma modifier.
2. Wages; +1 to the roll for each 50% over standard pay, -1 for 10% under standard pay.
3. The player’s reputation in the town.

The GM will track and check retainer Loyalty privately.


Laborers are not combatants. They never walk in front of the party, and will not fire a crossbow in combat. They will carry torches or gear; they will activate devices which the PCs themselves have already activated and are proven safe, they will dig holes. If combat is engaged while they are with the party, this prompts an immediate loyalty check.

Standard pay is 10 silver per expedition into a dungeon, or week of non-dangerous work.

Mercenaries / Militia

Mercenaries and Militia are level 0 fighters. They will perform any of the same basic tasks that a laborer will, with the addition of being willing to engage in combat. They still will not walk in front of the party into danger, nor would they activate a device in the dungeon without the PC’s showing them it’s safe first.

In battle, Mercenaries and Militia will check loyalty any time they encounter a particularly monstrous foe, or any time their numbers are reduced by half.

Mercenaries are paid 50sp per dungeon expedition, or week of guard/patrol/army duty.

Militia do not require payment, but must be convinced that their assistance will prevent a direct threat to their community. Vague ideas that it’s dangerous to live so close to something scary won’t cut it.

Training Mercenaries / Militia

A fighter who is at least 4 levels higher than their mercenaries or militia may drill a group of ten or fewer over 1d6 weeks. Drilling costs 1/2 the normal experience cost of that level in silver pieces, per militia person being drilled. For the purposes of drilling, 1st level requires 1,000 experience points.

So if a 5th level fighter with 7 first level militia wishes to drill the group to level 2, she must spend 7,000sp and 1d6 weeks doing so. (Since the experience cost of level two is 2,000, this is halved to 1,000, then multiplied by the number of militia being drilled).

If there are more than ten troops to be drilled, a second 1d6 weeks is required.

Incentivizing Workers

Laborers and Mercenaries might be tempted to perform a task outside their normal responsibilities if bribed. Each week’s worth of silver offered to them is worth a 5% chance they will agree to do something more dangerous than they’re used to.

So if you really don’t want to pull that creepy looking lever yourself, offering 100 silver to your laborer gives you a 50% chance he’ll go for it.


Slavery, while not commonplace in Stockton itself, is certainly considered normal, and is common throughout Dungeon Moon at large.

A standard Slave, suitable for use as a laborer, would cost 300sp. Slaves with particular skills may be available, but would cost anywhere between 800sp-1500sp, depending on the usefulness of their skill.

No roll is required to determine if a slave accepts their position, and their loyalty roll has a -4 penalty. Arming a slave prompts an immediate loyalty check to see if they will attack you and attempt to assert their freedom.

Slaves cannot refuse any action, though they are entitled to a loyalty check to determine if they try to escape if ordered to do something particularly dangerous.


Henchmen have no hard limits on what tasks they will perform for the PC, but any blatant disregard for a Henchmen’s life or safety in favor of the PC’s own will be refused, and reduce their loyalty by one. A henchmen will agree to walk first into a room, but only if they’re not expected to walk first into every dangerous looking room.

Henchmen have no regular pay, and claim no share of treasure. However, they do not advance unless the PC to whom they are loyal pays for them to train, 1sp = 1xp. Henchmen must always be at least 2 levels lower than their employer.

Henchmen, Hirelings, and Slaves

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